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MMAS History

The DNA sequencing service laboratory was established in 1997 by two Biochemistry Professors, Glenn Kuehn and Peter Lammers. Two Li-Cor 4200 DNA sequencers were purchased with the NIH MBRS (Minority Biomedical Research Support) grant and the DNA sequencing service laboratory was operated by Dr. Jeongwon Jun.

In 2005, the Applied Biosystems (ABI) 3100 Genetic Analyzer was transferred to the sequencing facility from the Genetic Testing Laboratory and Dr. Jun started offering the sequencing service of the ABI, in addition to that of the Li-Cor.

The sequencing facility assisted faculty in the natural sciences departments in conducting various research projects and aided students in the BCHE 395, BCHE 494, and GENE 305L classes.

One of the failed Li-Cor 4200 sequencer was replaced by the Li-Cor 4300 DNA Analyzer in 2007 with the NIH SCORE (Support of Competitive Research) grant.

In 2011, the ABI 3100 Analyzer was upgraded to the ABI 3130xL Genetic Analyzer with the support of Dr. Vimal Chaitanya (the Office of the Vice President for Research) and two professors, Michele Nishiguchi (Biology) and Glenn Kuehn (Biochemistry).

Faculty Advisory Group

Faculty Advisory Group for the Molecular Analysis Services in the Core University Research Resources Laboratory:

  1. Cowley, David (dcowley@nmsu.edu), Department of Fishery and Wildlife Sciences, 646-1346
  2. Gopalan, Champa (csgopala@nmsu.edu), Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences, 646-5784
  3. Lusetti, Shelley (slusetti@nmsu.edu), Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, 646-6016
  4. Lyons, Barbara (blyons@nmsu.edu), Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, 646-6702
  5. Nishiguchi, Michele K. (nish@nmsu.edu), Department of Biology, 646-3721
  6. O’Connell, Mary (moconnel@nmsu.edu), Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences, 646-5172
  7. Shuster, Charles (cshuster@nmsu.edu), Department of Biology, 646-1325
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MMAS Contact Information

Physical Address
MOLB Molecular Analysis Lab
Chemistry & Biochemistry Bldg. W357
New Mexico State University
1175 N Horseshoe St
Las Cruces, NM 88003-8001

Mailing Address:
MOLB Molecular Analysis Lab
New Mexico State University
MSC 3MLS P O Box 30001
Las Cruces, NM 88003-8001